Our Story

Mend UP provides international investigative services specialized in recovery of stolen money/asset. After working for various investment and investigative companies, a team was brought together dedicated to recovering funds from fake investments. Quite a lot of people have lost and are still losing their money to Binary Options and other fake investment companies.

Mend UP the best-in-class services for individuals who have been defrauded by unregulated investment platforms. We continue to develop successful investigative techniques, and world-class legal relationships, earning the trust and respect of our clients. We establish long-term relationships with some of the best attorneys in the realm of financial fraud.

Mend UP offers a full range of investigative and and online forensics that gives the best in asset recovery through specialized intelligence with the best team with integrity and professionalism delivering excellence to individuals and businesses.

Mend UP provides free consultation and our aim is to identify and recover our clients’ lost funds with the proper documentation. We provide recovery services in binary options, forex, cryptocurrencies, international financial fraud and more. Using the most advanced investigative techniques, we have recovered millions of dollars for victims of Binary Options fraud – a multi-billion-dollar international industry. We have assisted government agencies in their pursuit of the companies committing this fraud, which in turn has provided recovery for the victims.

Due to our extensive network of international attorneys and investigators, and our collaboration with former government agents, we are uniquely specialized to provide recovery solutions to clients around the world. We look forward to your stay.



Our Hardworking Team

Walter White

H.O.D Counselling Gaint

Sarah Jhonson

Elite Head Legal Practional

William Anderson

H.O.D Tech Gaint

Amanda Jepson

H.O.D Investigative Consultant